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Malicious postering?

19 September 2014

An SDLP election candidate whose election poster was pictured hanging on a lamppost on Newry’s Dublin Road 16 weeks after the election has said that it had been maliciously placed there.

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Glory girls

19 September 2014 – By Cóilín Duffy

Down manager Alastair McGilligan was still letting it all sink in as he composed his thoughts in the depths of the Hogan Stand, after Down's fourth Premier Junior All-Ireland Camogie triumph on Sunday.

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  • Paisley’s local links

    Love him or loathe him, the population of this disputed patch of land spent decades listening to him, and without doubt the late Ian Richard Kyle Paisley will enter the history books as one of the most fascinating and divisive figures of our modern history.
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  • Re-imaging project reflects history of village

    New artwork and signage reflecting the history and environment of Poyntzpass has officially been launched.
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  • Planning a new future

    The first major change arising from the merger of Newry and Mourne District Council with Down District comes into force on September 29 when new planning offices open in Newry and Downpatrick.
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