BIBLE BITS: Our vital concern should be living under the good government of Christ

Jesus demanded complete control of lives.Jesus demanded complete control of lives.
Jesus demanded complete control of lives.
​Failed dreams and false starts! It seems we are heading towards a new political landscape which may lead to another election, or maybe a form of direct rule and possibly another attempt to get an agreed Stormont assembly.

​Is it a new day? I don’t know, as I’m only your average confused voter. Maybe by the time this is read it will all have been settled, and we will be moving forward?

I remember my first political thought – I supposed that a community co-op where people traded skills and product would be a very good way to run life. It would be much simpler and easier. Then came the opposing argument; was my skill worth more than your product? Everything was easier in a theoretical political world but what happens when greed, pride and power enter the scene? They may function on paper, but as soon as failed people enter the fray……failure.

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Every political system has this basic flaw. It doesn’t matter whether it is democracy or dictatorship; socialist or conservative they all have this core weakness. They may work in the land of theory but in the real world they have to be enacted by people and right there is the problem! Political systems are important for the security and order of society, but our real problems are not with competing systems of thought but with the attitudes and actions of the people involved in the whole process, including you and me! Over the years promises have been made and broken, and power has been used for self-interest. Is it any wonder that we have trouble with trust when people have displayed such disregard for one another?

The real problem of governance is how we relate to God? A rich man asked Jesus an important question. “What must I do to inherit eternal life” He was very wealthy and was prepared to use some of that wealth to safeguard his place in heaven. Jesus had another standard. He demanded complete control of lives and told this man that he had to give away everything he had and then he could be a follower of Jesus. The central issue was governance. Who was going to rule this man’s life, himself or God? Would Christ be first or second or third or…?

We are tinkering with important secondary issues when we think of politics within the land. Our vital concern should be living under the good government of Christ and acknowledging his right to rule!

“Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God”.

Who serves who?