30 NOV 2021
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Lambay Legends row, row, row their boat

24 November 2021 - by Elaine Ingram

Maria Reid, Ian Russell, and Madonna Jones

Three fearless adventurers from Carlingford Lough Currach Club were the first Irish team ever to take part in the row around Lambay Island in a Currach. 

Maria Reid, her brother Ian Russell and Madonna Jones usually take to the seas around Rathlin Island, Skerries, Carlingford Lough and even Newry Canal where they host events in conjunction with the Newry Maritime Association. 

This race, around Lambay Island, which is close to Rush on the Dublin coastline, is usually reserved for larger boats as the conditions out in the Irish Sea can be a big challenge plus the fact the row is two and a half hours long.

The hosting club were so impressed they made a special presentation to the club team naming them the Lambay Legends.

The Currach Club has grown from around 10 members when it started in 2014 to up to 40 enthusiasts who love nothing more than boarding these ancient vessels and crashing their oars through roaring waves or slicing them gracefully through glassy still waters.

The former was definitely the case for the race around Lambay Island.

“We took the currachs down and it was a really bad windy day,” Maria explained when she spoke to the Reporter.

“All of the boats down there were skiffs, which are six or seven man boats and when we arrived down with the currach it looked like something you could drown in.

“We took two boats down and were going to do two and two, but the organisers said no to that because it was too dangerous.



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