30 NOV 2021
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Green light for McKenna Cup

24 November 2021 - by Elaine Ingram

After it looked like it would be scrapped with counties forced to seek pre-season ‘friendlies’ before the start of the 2022 National Football League, the Dr McKenna Cup is set to return after counties requested competitive games. 

Ulster GAA Secretary Brian McAvoy is expecting a big uptake of counties to take part in the Dr McKenna Cup in early January, given the number of requests received to reinstate the pre-season competition. 

“Croke Park laid out a return to train date for December 15 and said they would allow challenge games from January 1 with a view to the leagues in football to start at the end of January and in hurling the first weekend in February,” McAvoy told the Newry Reporter. 

“On the back of that we, and not just us, but each of the four provinces, got requests from lots of the counties, basically saying, ‘if we’re allowed to play challenge games we’d like you to organise them for us so we’d be interested in pre-season’.



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