30 APR 2017
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Trust ‘preparing’ for Daisy Hill ED closure?

21 April 2017

The Southern Health Trust Board gave what feels like a kick in the teeth to Daisy Hill Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) after it unexpectedly passed a £1,000,000 spend to increase ED and inpatient capacity at Craigavon Area Hospital as a contingency plan for likely closures of the Newry ED in the coming months.

This decision was taken right at the end of a meeting, which had one item on the agenda - an &lsquo on Daisy Hill Hospital ED’.

The move came as a complete shock to many at Thursday’s Board Meeting which was well attended by the local press and political representatives who were left somewhat stunned at the proposed £1,000,000 for Craigavon Hospital as it had not been included on the meeting’s agenda. It will now lead to 11 new additional assessment bays being installed at Craigavon ED as well as an additional 18 inpatient beds in the hospital. 

Whilst this move was made on the basis that Daisy Hill’s ED is struggling to recruit consultants, has a lack of permanent consultant staff and is dependent on short-term locums, thus raising potential safety issues, the Reporter now understands that the Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) at Craigavon – also known as the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) and which deals with inpatients admitted through the ED – is also facing its own staffing issues.

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