30 APR 2017
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One-way traffic trial for Barcroft

21 April 2017

A Newry councillor has called on Barcroft residents to embrace an experimental one-way traffic trial beginning later this year in the city residential area.

Liz Kimmins, Sinn Féin, said that TransportNI plans to trial the implementation of a one-way traffic system on Barcroft’s first and second streets ‘would give all residents an insight into how if possible the issue of traffic movement, street accessibility and congestion might be resolved’, and asked that residents and vehicle owners feed into a consultation on its impact. 

When contacted by the Reporter, a Department for Infrastructure spokesperson said that it was ‘currently preparing the necessary legislation to implement an experimental one-way order in Barcroft in Newry’.  

“It is hoped that this will be drafted and advertised to come into operation in around 8-10 weeks,” the spokesperson said. 

“The experimental order will operate for a minimum of six months and a maximum of 18 months acting as an ongoing consultation period during which the public can comment and the impact can be fully evaluated before a permanent decision is reached. 

“The one-way system will operate in clockwise direction with traffic entering the low entrance to Barcroft and exiting at the upper junction. 

“Relevant statutory bodies including Newry, Mourne and Down District Council have been consulted as part of the process.”

Cllr Kimmins said that since she was first elected in 2014, she has been working on attempts to resolve traffic problems in the first and second streets of Barcroft Park after, it was raised with her by the local community.

“Due to the very narrow streets there have been severe problems if cars meet as they are unable to pass safely, and often have to reverse out on to Doran’s Hill, which is extremely dangerous,” she said.

“Following a door-to-door consultation that I carried out in 2014, the majority of residents felt a one-way system would help to address this issue,” she said. “I have therefore been lobbying TransportNI for almost three years now to try and have this completed.” 

She added that while some residents and Transport NI officials had expressed concerns about a one-way system, she had suggested consideration of ‘a trial implementation’ of a one-way system, and said that she was pleased that TransportNI is going to put in place an experimental order.

“I believe this will give the residents and agencies the opportunity to see if this system will work and help alleviate the traffic problems that have plagued this area for many years,” she said. 

“I encourage all residents to embrace the road traffic trial and feed into the consultation about its impact.”

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