21 SEP 2017
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Humdinger tames the wind

13 September 2017

Occasionally, when the wind is just right in terms of direction and speed, little funnels of water and spray form on the surface of Carlingford Lough like mini-tornadoes. 

These are known locally as the Carlingford Kettles. Only the mad or foolish would be caught out on the water if there were kettles on the lough.

It was very fitting then that, as winds of 18mph gusting to around 28mph, the skippers met on the dock of Warrenpoint Harbour to decide whether or not to race the annual Carlingford Kettle race. 

Five boats ventured out and were rewarded with a great day's sailing. Aidan McKay set the course and called the start of the first race, but his own start on MaxiMeyes was ruined when he needed to tack on the start line to avoid a wildly tacking Thetis who got caught in a gust of wind. This left both boats stuck in irons while the rest of the fleet sped off. Humdinger took the honours after little over 18 minutes, proving his success in the CLYC Cruiser Regatta last week was no fluke.

For the second race, the course remained the same, but with two laps to be done. This time the start went without incident. 

Warrior, skippered by Tim Gibbons, tacked off to separate himself from the crowd, while the rest of the fleet stayed on the original course. Before long however, Warrior had pulled up, as one of the fittings on the boat had obviously failed and she was left to motor home. Again, Humdinger showed the fleet a clean pair of heels and held on to two first places.



1. Michael McCabe in Humdinger - 2pts, 2. Brian McCann in Gannet - 4pts, 3. Michael O'Hare in Aurora - 7pts

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