22 JAN 2020
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From Down to South Africa: Love Island fire pit made in Mayobridge

15 January 2020 - by By Brian Hyland

It’s the focal point of one of the biggest shows on TV– and it was handmade in Mayobridge before being shipped over to South Africa.

The winter series of Love Island kicked off on Sunday night with a new batch of models and Instagrammers looking for love in a villa in the sun.

Taking centre-stage in the sun-kissed Cape Town setting is the fire pit, where many of the big relationship decisions - and fiery rows - take place.

It was crafted by Mayobridge firm Hard By Design and shipped to South Africa at the beginning of November.

Paul Morgan and his dad Jarlath have been running the concrete-carving business since 2014, sculpting their creations for homeowners and celebrities. 

Paul revealed that a business contact in London was so impressed with the Co Down products that he tipped off Love Island producers - leading to the awarding of the contract.

And he admits that he had never watched the show in his life until the new series aired on Sunday night.

“There are different companies that we work for in and around London and there’s one that we manufacture the fire pits for,” Paul told the Reporter.

“It was through one of the contacts that we put our name forward for and we got the contract. So, we built the fire pit here in Mayobridge - it took about 10 days - then crated it, and shipped it to Cape Town on November 6 as it had to be there on set by the end of November.”

Having sat down to watch the opening episode, Paul added: “I hadn't watched it before, but I had a wee peek at it on Sunday night. I didn't think it would be as prominent as it was, so it’s good wee bit of advertising for us. You never know, I might tune in again!”

Paul said the demand for fire pits has steadily increased in recent years.

And he’s hoping this trend continues with the help of Love Island. 

“It seems to be on the increase,” he added. “It seems to be growing and is going in the right direction, and with the likes for Love Island, it has more exposure. It’s like a focal point. It’s for the back garden of the house so you can invite friends around and have a drink and a get together around the fire.

“Lucky enough it’s been going steadily…and hopefully the Love Island effect will see that continue!” 

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