19 MAR 2019
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Alfie is off to the US

13 March 2019

Sitting on his Gruffalo suitcase, Alfie Pentony gives the thumbs-up to our cameraman as he leaves his Newry home on Tuesday morning. 

He travelled to America with dad Jamie, mum Colleen and brother Jamie for potentially life-saving treatment for fatal Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

He will have blood tests and MRI scans today (Wednesday) to see if he’s ready to take part in a groundbreaking trial aimed at halting the deterioration of his body muscles. 

Since being accepted on to the trial last year, Alfie’s family and friends have been fundraising to pay for travel, accommodation, living and insurance costs for the initial three months they will spend in America. 

After that, Alfie is required to return to America every month for two years for updates and tests.

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