19 SEP 2018
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12 September 2018 - by By Brian Hyland

Everyone will have the chance to have their say in mapping out the blueprint for future healthcare in the Southern Trust area, the new chief executive has insisted.

Shane Devlin said he wants input from all sections of the community as he draws up plans for how healthcare in the area is best delivered over the next decade.

Mr Devlin (pictured) was appointed chief executive in March this year following a turbulent 18 months for Daisy Hill Hospital that saw the 24/7 service of the Emergency Department hang in the balance. 

Now he wants to have a “big conversation” with the Southern Trust population as he aims to deliver an efficient and effective service for all users. In an exclusive interview with the Reporter, the former Ambulance Service chief also:



• Revealed plans for a brand new Direct Assessment Unit to take pressure off ED staff and treat non-emergency patients at home


• Confirmed investment in the High Dependency Unit and ED at Daisy Hill and his hope to have 10 new consultants at the hospital by 2022


• Warns that the Trust area is sleepwalking into a diabetes epidemic and outlines plans to avoid the ticking timebomb



• Insisted community involvement, engagement and opinion will help deliver a healthcare service for all


Central to all this is Mr Devlin’s desire to let everyone have their say in forming a strategy for future healthcare provision.

And people will have the opportunity to do exactly that when the chief executive goes into communities next year to have the ‘Big Conversation’ - which he said is inspired by the success of the Pathfinder Group established last year to find a sustainable solution to the ED opening hours crisis at Daisy Hill.


See pages 12 and 

13 for full interview 

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