19 SEP 2018
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‘Growing parking chaos’ on Flagstaff Road and Cloughoge Bridge

12 September 2018 - by By Áine Quinn

A solution to the “growing parking chaos” on the Flagstaff Road and Cloughoge Bridge needs to be found as soon as possible, according to SDLP Councillor Michael Savage.

Cllr Savage told the Reporter that he has been “inundated” with calls from residents living in the Flagstaff Road, Cloughoge Bridge and Carrivemaclone areas complaining that they are unable to access their own properties due to commuters parking in these areas and then going to Dublin and Belfast, in work vans or as part of a car pool.

“The park and share facility is being outstripped by demand in the area and it is in urgent need of expansion to cope with the growing demand,” he said. 

“This area is swamped with cars from early morning to late in the evening and residents, farmers and business owners in the area are being greatly inconvenienced by motorists leaving their cars all day without any consideration of the access needs of the people living and working there.

Cllr Savage added that there are health and safety concerns due to road access issues.

“Farmers and business owners in the area are struggling to get access with tractors and lorries due to the road being narrowed by parked cars.”


“Potential solution”


Cllr Savage said that the DfI needs to offer a solution, similar to the one being implemented on the Fathom Line, which also experienced issues with people parking and leaving their cars all day. 

“A potential solution is to put police traffic cones in the area and carry out enforcement for a period of time until work can be carried out on the feasibility of extending the park and share facility at Cloughoge,” he said.

“The people of this area fully understand that tradesmen and other commuters need to park somewhere when they are car pooling but that is what the Park and Share facility was designed for. 

“Unfortunately this concept has become victim of its own success and it is not big enough to cope with demand. It is imperative that this issue is dealt with now before the dark evenings arrive and the safety concerns grow.”


DfI response


A DfI spokesman told the Reporter: “DfI Roads is aware of concerns regarding parking in this area and arrangements have been made to mark the double yellow line corner restrictions at the Flagstaff Road junction with the Dublin Road.  

“We are also commencing the process of identifying the potential to develop more park and share capacity in this area but it should be noted that projects of this nature take some time to deliver while all the necessary processes are completed.  

“Motorists should ensure that they park in a safe manner at all times, as per the guidance in the Highway Code, and not obstruct footways, private entrances or the carriageway. If obstruction is being caused it should be reported to the PSNI as the authority responsible for this enforcement.”

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